Echoes: One Climber’s Hard Road to Freedom


Echoes: One Climber's Hard Road to Freedom

Nick Bullock’s account of his life and climbing adventures in the Britain, the Himalaya and around the world.

Nick Bullock spent around a decade working as a prison officer. His experiences at work contributed to his determination to climb. He is now one of the world’s foremost adventure climbers.

“A brilliant page turner from one of our most outstanding adventure mountaineers. Not only are the accounts of his remarkable climbs riveting but he also allows us into his personal feeling, fears and day job as a prison officer.” – Chris Bonington

“Wild, exciting and inspirational. A book that grips you throughout with wild tales from handling Britain’s most notorious criminals to tackling some of the world’s most exciting unclimbed lines. I loved it.” – Mick Fowler

“Utterly gripping. From his first clumsy steps to the all-in commitment of his greatest ascents Nick Bullock’s early climbing career was inextricably linked to his work as a prison officer. Prison was both the force he climbed to escape and the hell that compelled him to push himself further in the mountains than others might have gone.” – Mark Twight

Echoes has been short-listed for the 2013 Boardman-Tasker Prize. The award presentation will take place on 15 November at the Kendal Mountain Festival.

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