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Guidebook to Tibet, covering Amdo and Kham regions as well as the Tibet Autonomous Region.

This book is apt to be confiscated by Chinese officials, so it must be good.

The trekking chapter includes treks in the Everest region, the Shishapangma basecamp trek, West Tibet, Guge and the Kailash region.

“I believe it is the guidebook writer’s duty to give the ‘news’ the way it is – the good, the bad and the ugly. Ugly refers to the harsh realities in today’s Tibet. Tibetans live in a climate of fear: they have no say in preventing the reckless destruction of their land.” – Michael Buckley, author of the guidebook.

“This has always been an important book for Bradt. Written by a recognised expert on Tibet, and used by Michael Palin during his Himalaya television series, it set the standard for sensitive coverage of this resilient country ans its peace-loving culture.” – Hilary Bradt (publisher).

“An authoritative guidebook which gives one a genuine feel for the Tibet of today…. I strongly recommend this guide.” Tibet Society

An update on travel in Tibet

From Michael Buckley’s website www.himmies.com:

“The current model is similar to travel in Bhutan — you must arrange your full itinerary outside of Tibet, and are only permitted to travel outside of Lhasa with a guide and Landcruiser at all times.”

“That means a number of suggestions in the Bradt guide to Tibet for independent travel to Tibet are no longer viable, so you will have to read between the lines. However, the guidebook can be used for advance route planning and for choosing hotels and so on. And on the spot in Tibet, the Bradt guide will help make sense of what you see — as official Chinese interpretation is likely to be somewhat skewed.”

Tibet, by Michael Buckley
392 pages
Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides; 4 edition (5 July 2018)

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